Taylor Model Workshop'06


Time Speaker Topic Duration
Saturday, December 16
12:00-2:00 Registration 120
2:00-2:45 M. Neher On Taylor Model Based Integration of ODEs (abstract, talk) 45
2:45-3:30 M. Berz, K. Makino Recent Advances in Taylor Model based ODE Integration (talk) 45
3:30-4:00 Coffee Break 30
4:00-4:45 R. Armelin Verified High-Order Optimal Control in Space Flight Dynamics (talk) 45
4:45-5:30 Y. Lin An Interval Method for Enclosing All Solutions of Two-Point BVPs for ODEs (abstract, talk) 45
5:30-6:15 S. Ferson Propagating Epistemic and Aleatory Uncertainty in Nonlinear Dynamic Models (abstract, talk in pdf, talk in ppt) 45
Sunday, December 17
8:30-9:15 E. Davis Tera Tera Tera (abstract, talk in pdf) 45
9:15-10:00 Y. Yomdin Solving PDEs Via Minimization of the Discrepancy Between the Neighboring Taylor Polynomials (abstract) 45
10:00-10:30 Coffee Break 30
10:30-11:15 S. Manikonda A Highly Accurate High-Order Verified Method to Solve the 3D Poisson Equation (talk) 45
11:15-12:00 J.-P. Lessard Towards Rigorous Computation of Global Dynamics of Gradient PDEs (abstract, talk) 45
12:00-1:30 Lunch Break 90
1:30-2:15 S. Newhouse Estimating Topological Entropy on Surfaces (talk) 45
2:15-3:00 J. Grote Verified Enclosure of Invariant Manifolds for Planar Diffeomorphisms and Application to Homoclinic Phenomena (abstract, talk) 45
3:00-3:30 Coffee Break 30
3:30-4:15 M. Mrozek The Method of Topological Sections in the Rigorous Numerics of Dynamical Systems (abstract, talk) 45
4:15-5:00 T. Kapela Computer-Assisted Proof of the Stability of the Eight (abstract, talk) 45
Monday, December 18
8:30-9:15 O. Bouissou A Runge-Kutta Method for Computing Guaranteed Solutions of ODEs. Comparison with Taylor Series (abstracts, talk) 45
9:15-10:00 K. Makino, M. Berz Recent Advances in Taylor Model based Rigorous Global Optimization (talk) 45
10:00-10:30 Coffee Break 30
10:30-11:15 A. Poklonskiy From Genetic Algorithms and Global Optimization towards Hybrid Optimization (abstract, talk) 45
11:15-12:00 P. Di Lizia Rigorous Global Optimization of Impulsive Space Trajectories (talk) 45
12:00-1:30 Lunch Break 90
Boat tour of nearby Palm Beach and to Peanut Island which is a local favorite for swimming and snorkeling
Tuesday, December 19
8:30-9:15 J. D. Pryce The Current Effort on a C++ Interval Arithmetic Standard (abstract, talk) 45
9:15-10:00 C. Lauter A Survey of Multiple-Precision Using Floating-Point Arithmetic (abstract, talk) 45
10:00-10:30 Coffee Break 30
10:30-11:15 N. Revol Implementing Taylor Model Arithmetic with Floating-Point (abstract, talk) 45
11:15-11:45 A. Wittig A Rigorous Arbitrary-Precision Arithmetic Using Dekker's Algorithm (abstract, talk) 30
11:45-12:30 S. Putot, E. Goubault Static Analysis-Based Validation of Floating-Point Programs Using Affine Arithmetic (abstract, talk) 45