October 17 — 21, 2018, Key West, Florida, USA


Proceedings of CPO-10 will be published in the following two venues:

  • There will be a special volume of the International Journal of Modern Physics A
  • There will be a special issue of the Advances in Imaging & Electron Physics, a book series established in 1948, edited by Peter Hawkes.

IJMPA Proceedings Papers

Submission Deadline: February 1, 2019 January 25, 2019
Format and Template: LaTeX2e - download IJMPA Style Guide and Template
Paper Length: 10-15 pages
Paper Upload: CPO-10 speakers will receive an invitation email letter.
From: Int. J. Mod. Phys. A (IJMPA), Subject: IJMPA Invitation (CPO-10/ICAP'18)
It is important to follow a link "Submit Invited Manuscript" in the invitation email.
IJMPA will send you another email with username and password information.

  • Submission of a manuscript indicates a tacit understanding that the paper is not actively under consideration for publication with other journals.
  • Figures can appear in color in the online electronic version, but since the printed version of the journal is black and white only, figures must be fully understandable when printed in black and white.
  • Papers will be refereed, and those accepted will be expected to transfer copyright of the paper to World Scientific Publishing Company.
  • Authors will be given free PDF's of their papers, in lieu of free paper offprints. Please take note of the Author Rights regarding the use of these PDF's as well as submitted or accepted preprint manuscripts.

AIEP Proceedings Papers

Submission Deadline: May 1, 2019 April 1, 2019
Format: Plain LaTeX or MS Word; the publisher will perform the final formatting. Please refer to AIEP General Guidelines.
Paper Length: 10-25 pages
Paper Submission: Please email your submission intention to Peter Hawkes, Martin Berz, and Kyoko Makino as soon as possible, and further details will be provided.

Which venue should you choose?

  • IJMPA is a regular journal, and all the submitted papers go through normal journal refereeing, coordinated by Martin Berz and Kyoko Makino.
  • AIEP is a book series, including conference proceedings, and Peter Hawkes and Martin Berz will coordinate reviewing for the CPO-10 Proceedings volume.
  • Length of a paper: IJMPA is a bit shorter (10-15 pages), and AIEP can be longer (10-25 pages).
  • Topics: IJMPA is normally centered around high energy physics and accelerator physics, and AIEP is centered around electron microscopy. But all CPO-10 speakers are welcome to either one without a rigid category constraint. AIEP also welcomes overview and review papers. Furthermore, if you have enough sufficiently distinct material, you can submit to both venues, just the same paper cannot be submitted to both.