Topics: Various different possibilities exist, to be arranged mutually between student and VUBeam advisor. Can be taken up to six times.

PHY964—Seminar in Beam Physics

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PHY861—Introduction to Beam Physics

PHY961—Nonlinear Beam Dynamics

PHY962—Particle Accelerators

The US Particle Accelerator School offers courses in beam physics. To obtain MSU credit for an USPAS course taken during the current or an earlier semester, present an USPAS grade certificate during finals week. Can be taken up to six times.

PHY963—U.S. Particle Accelerator School

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Below is a list of MSU Physics/Astronomy courses which can be taken online or remotely as part of regular graduate degree work, and which also can be used to earn Master’s or Ph.D. degrees online through MSU’s VUBeam program.

Interactive, web-based course, part of the VUBeam Program, MSU's Virtual University Beam Physics courses and degree programs.

Topics: Ion Sources, Methods of Acceleration, Storage of Charged Particles, Magnet Design, Motion and Transfer Maps, Transfer Matrices and Aberrations, Fields and Potentials, Beamline Modules, Particle Optical Devices.

Topics: Hamiltonian dynamics in curvilinear coordinates, transfer maps, perturbation theories, elements maps, aberrations, tracking, differential algebraic methods, normal forms.

Topics: Live videoconference presentations from sites of major accelerator sites outlining the properties and purposes of the respective devices. Included are Tevatron, LHC, RHIC, CEBAF, Hera, NLC, Muon Colliders, and many others. Can be taken twice.

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· Some financial aid is available for students regularly enrolled at an accredited US university or foreign universities. For information please contact us. 

· Teaching- or Research Assistantships during any period of residency at MSU are awarded on a competitive basis.

· Participants from the Big Ten Universities and the University of Chicago can formally register for the course through the CIC Traveling Scholars program.