VUBeam Registration & Enrollment

Welcome to the Registration Form for the VUBeam Program.

There are two different ways to register and enroll.
Part I is for first-time registrations with MSU or the VUBeam program. If you do not have a MSU student PID or a WebCOSY login name already, you have to complete this part.
Part II is for students who already are registered with MSU and the VUBeam program. If you do not have a MSU student PID or a WebCOSY login name already, you need to use part I instead!

Each of the links below will open in a new window. If you have problems, make sure your pop-up blocker is disabled for this site. Once you have finished the registration there, you can close the window and return here to continue with the next step.

Part I: Registration & Enrollment for New Students

The registration for new students is a two step process. You must complete both steps to complete your registration and enrollment. The information needed to start the courses will be emailed to you once your application has been reviewed and accepted (usually after a few days).

1. Registration with MSU

If you already have a MSU student PID, skip this step and continue with step 2.

To enroll at MSU, complete the MSU application form. During the process, you will get a 6 digit Lifelong Student Registration number, which you need to complete step 2.

Unless you were specifically told otherwise, you need to apply as a student in the Lifelong Education Program. You can find more information about the MSU virtual university enrollment process here or by searching for "MSU Lifelong Education".

Hints on filling out this form:

  • You can click on the little question marks behind most fields to display some help on filling them out (requires JavaScript to be enabled in your browser)
  • You can leave some fields blank, or write "N/A" (not applicable), if you do not have the necessary information. This particularly applies to the SSN and PID fields on the personal information page, the Visa fields on the address page, and most things on the other personal information page.
  • On the education page, just fill out as much as you can, and leave the rest (State/Province, for example) empty.
  • On the Miscellaneous page, answer yes to the online course question, and provide the name of the online course you will be taking (e.g. VUBeam PHY861). Answer the the study abroad question on that page with no.

2. Registration with the VUBeam Program

If you already have a WebCOSY login name, please use part II to enroll in classes.

Complete the VUBeam application form. You either need the 6 digit registration number from the MSU application in step 1, or a valid MSU Student PID. Once your application has been received, you will receive an email with your WebCOSY username, which is required to access the VUBeam course material, the VUBeam Forum, and the WebCOSY homework system.

3. Enrollment with MSU

This step is required to complete your enrollment.

Use MSU Student Information System (SIS) to enroll in the course you chose in step 2 above. If you have not received your MSU Student PID yet (for example because you just registered with MSU in step 1), you can wait until you get that information from MSU. It is your responsibilty to complete this step once you receive your Student PID, to make sure that you are enrolled in the correct course with MSU.

Part II: Registration & Enrollment for Current Students

If you are already registered with MSU and the VUBeam, i.e. you have a student PID and a WebCOSY username, you must use this form to enroll in classes. If you want to enroll in VUBeam classes, you must complete both steps 1 and 2. For non-VUBeam classes, only step 1 is required.

1. Enrollment with MSU

This step is required for enrollment in any course at MSU, VUBeam or not. If you enroll in one of the VUBeam courses listed below, you also need to complete step 2.

Use MSU Student Information System (SIS) to enroll in the course of your choice.

Courses offered by the VUBeam Program, that require step 2 to be completed, are:

  • PHY861 - Introduction to Beam Physics (required to be first course in the program)
  • PHY961 - Nonlinear Beam Dynamics (recommended for advanced participants)
  • PHY962 - Particle Accelerators, Parts I & II (can be taken parallel to PHY861)
  • PHY963 - U. S. Particle Accelerator School (can be taken repeatedly)
  • PHY964 - Seminar in Beam Physics Research (can be taken repeatedly)

2. Enrollment with VUBeam

This step is required if you enrolled in one of the VUBeam courses listed above in step 1.

Complete the VUBeam enrollment form. Once your enrollment is complete, you will receive instructions on how to access the course material and homework system via email.