Trajectory of particles in a gas



Particle Accelerators

MSU PHY962 I & II - Particle Accelerators, is a live videoconferenced and web-based course part of VUBeam, MSU's Virtual University Beam Physics courses and degree programs. It consists of live lectures, downloadable audio and video of lectures, lecture notes, and interactive homework problems.

Topics: Live videoconference presentations from sites of major accelerator sites outlining the properties and purposes of the respective devices. Included are Tevatron, LHC, RHIC, CEBAF, Hera, NLC, Muon Colliders, and many others.

Course Material


All course material including lecture notes and videos of the lectures can be found here.

For each of the lectures homework problems are assigned. They are fully interactive over the web and based on the WebCOSY system developed in the Beam Theory and Dynamical Systems Group at MSU. The grade for the course is determined by the performance with the homework problems.