XV International Workshop

Beam Dynamics and Optimization

St.Petersburg, Florida, USA

July 10-13, 2008

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The series of workshops on Beam Dynamics and Optimization started in 1994. Since then, 14 workshops were held, in Russia: in St.Petersburg, Saratov, and in Dubna. In the years 2004 and 2005, the BDO workshops were included as separate sections into the 8th International Computational Accelerator Physics Conference (ICAP 2004), and the International Conference Stability and Control Processes (SCP 2005), respectively. This year is the first time the workshop is held outside the borders of Russia, although the name of the location will be instantly familiar to earlier participants: BDO 2008 will take place in St.Petersburg, but this time it is St.Petersburg, Florida, USA.

The official language of the workshop is ENGLISH.

    This workshop is being organized by:
  • Michigan State University, USA
  • St.Petersburg State University, Russia
  • University of California Riverside, USA

    Organizing Chairs:
  • Dmitri A Ovsyannikov (Russia)
  • Martin Berz (USA)
  • Pavel Snopok (USA/Russia)

    Organizing Committee:
  • S.N.Andrianov (Russia)
  • Yu.A.Budanov (Russia)
  • A.N.Dovbnya (Ukraine)
  • N.V.Egorov (Russia)
  • V.P.Gorbachev (Russia)
  • G.Hanson (USA)
  • R.Jameson (USA)
  • C.Johnstone (USA)
  • A.B.Kurzhanskiy (Russia)
  • A.Poklonskiy (Russia)
  • Yu.Senichev (Germany)
  • M.F.Vorogushin (Russia)
  • I.P.Yudin (Russia)
  • D.V.Zhukov (Russia)

    Scientific Committee:
  • S.Kawata (Japan)
  • E.D.Kotina (Russia)
  • E.S.Masunov (Russia)
  • K.Makino (USA)
  • F.Meot (France)
  • D.Neuffer (USA)
  • A.D.Ovsyannikov (Russia)
  • R.Ryne (USA)
  • Yu.A.Svistunov (Russia)
  • A.Todd (USA)
  • E.I.Veremey (Russia)
  • A.P.Zhabko (Russia)
  • W.Wan (USA)

Event coordinator:

Pavel Snopok