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Development of a HPGe Detector for the Longitudinal Emittance Measurement

A Thesis

In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science from Michigan State University.


The longitudinal emittance of the beam from the RIKEN Ring Cyclotron (RRC) is indispensable knowledge for the operation of the Radioactive Isotope Beam Factory, which is now under construction and uses the RRC as an injector. We proposed to employ a HPGe detector as a compact and convenient energy detector for longitudinal emittance measurements and studied the feasibility of its use with high-energy heavy ions. A reasonably good energy resolution, dE/E = 6.5´10-4, has been observed for 1890-MeV N-14, which makes the HPGe promising. A new detector is being fabricated to achieve a better resolution. Also the longitudinal emittances were measured for 3800-MeV Ar-40 and 2420-MeV Ne-22. It has been demonstrated that the measurement of longitudinal emittance provides rich information on the acceleration condition, such as the single-turn extraction and the effect of phase compression, and is very helpful for the beam tuning of the present and new facilities.

R. Taki (2003) (Master's Thesis)


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