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COSY 5.0 - The Fifth Order Code for Corpuscular Optical Systems


COSY 5.0 is a new computer code for the design of corpuscular optical systems based on the principle of transfer matrices. The particle optical calculations include all image aberrations through fifth order. COSY 5.0 uses canonical coordinates and exploits the symplectic condition to increase the speed of computation. COSY 5.0 contains a library for the computation of matrix elements of all commonly used corpusular optical elements such as electric and magnetic multipoles and sector fields. The corresponding formulas were generated algebraically by the computer code HAMILTON. Care was taken that the optimization of optical elements is achieved with minimal numerical effort. Finally COSY 5.0 has a very general input code resembling a higher programming language.

M. Berz, H. C. Hoffmann, H. Wollnik, Nuclear Instruments and Methods A258 (1987) 402-406


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