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Computation and Consequences of High Order Amplitude- and Parameter-Dependent Tune Shifts in Storage Rings for High Precision Measurements


Nonlinear effects of the various electric field and magnetic field components of storage rings to confine the particles and bend their trajectory can cause substantial amplitude-dependent tune shifts within the beam. Furthermore, tune shifts are often sensitive to variations of system parameters, e.g. total particle momentum offsets δp. Such amplitude- and parameter-dependent tune shifts influence the dynamics and stability of a beam in particle storage rings. Thus, it is critical for high precision measurements to analyze and understand these influences. On this basis, we present normal form methods for the calculation of high order amplitude and system parameter dependencies of the horizontal and vertical tunes in storage rings using the differential algebra (DA) framework within COSY INFINITY. A storage ring is simulated using COSY INFINITY to generate a DA Poincaré return map describing the transverse phase space behavior after each revolution in the storage ring. The map is expanded around the parameter-dependent closed orbit of the system before transforming the resulting map into normal form coordinates to extract the high order tune dependencies on the phase space amplitude and variation in the system parameters. As a specific example, a storage ring similar to the Storage Ring of the Muon g−2 Experiment at Fermilab (E989) is investigated.

A. Weisskopf, D. Tarazona, M. Berz, Int. Journal of Modern Physics A, 34, 36 (2019) 1942011. DOI: 10.1142/S0217751X19420119


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