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Generalized Power Series on a Non-Archimedean Field


Power series with rational exponents on the real number field and the Levi-Civita field are studied. We derive a radius of convergence for power series with rational exponents over the field of real numbers that depends on the coefficients and on the density of the exponents in the series. Then we generalize that result and study power series with rational exponents on the Levi-Civita field. A radius of convergence is established that asserts convergence under a weak topology and reduces to the conventional radius of convergence for real power series. It also asserts strong (order) convergence for points whose distance from the center is infinitely smaller than the radius of convergence. Then we study a class of functions that are given locally by power series with rational exponents, which are shown to form a commutative algebra over the Levi-Civita field; and we study the differentiability properties of such functions within their domain of convergence.

K. Shamseddine, M. Berz, Indagationes Mathematicae 17,3 (2006) 457-477


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