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Survey of FORTRAN Compiler Options and Their Impact on COSY INFINITY


Compiler options are different not only for different compilers, but even among versions of a given compiler. Several options control the mechanism used in generating the code, including optimizations for speed, size and standard compliance. Many of those options affect the speed, accuracy and correctness of the resulting executable.
In this survey we present the options relevant for building COSY INFINITY with the GNU and Intel Fortran compilers. We build executables with several options on different hardware, comparing the accuracy of the result as well as the runtime using three different test cases. As a result of our testing, we suggest a set of command line options to use in order to get correct results, while minimizing the impact on the speed of the resulting executable.

R. Jagasia, A. Wittig, MSUHEP-090422, Michigan State University (2009)


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