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Proceedings, Fifteenth Int. Workshop on Beam Dynamics and Optimization, St. Petersburg, Florida


This special issue of IJMPA contains papers presented at the Fifteenth International Workshop on Beam Dynamics and Optimization (BDO 2008), which was held on July 10-12, 2008 in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA.

The series of workshops on Beam Dynamics and Optimization began in 1994 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Since then, fourteen workshops were held in Russia: in Saint Petersburg, Saratov, and in Dubna. In the years 2004 and 2005, the BDO workshops were included as separate sections into the 8th International Computational Accelerator Physics Conference (ICAP 2004), and the International Conference on Stability and Control Processes (SCP 2005), respectively. The year 2008 marks the first time the workshop was held outside the borders of Russia, although the name of the location was instantly familiar to earlier participants: BDO 2008 took place in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA.

Traditionally, the objective of the Workshop is to bring together mathematicians, physicists and engineers to present and discuss recent developments in the area of mathematical control methods, modeling and optimization and theory and design of charged particle beams and plasma, parallel and distributed computing in accelerator physics. Over thirty talks and poster reports were presented.

During the workshop three online sessions were organized between St. Petersburg, Florida and DESY (Germany), Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (Russia) and Saint Petersburg State University (Russia).

Finally, the completion of the proceedings would not have been possible without the careful refereeing efforts to which many individuals contributed invaluable time and effort. The organizers are indebted and thankful to the efforts of referees from Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (USA), Argonne National Laboratory (USA), Brookhaven National Laboratory (USA), D. V. Efremov Scientific Research Institute (NIIEFA, Russia), TRIUMF (Canada), the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Russia), Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (USA), National Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory (China), General Atomics (USA), Cinvestav (Mexico), Institute for High Energy Physics (Protvino, Russia), Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute (Russia), Michigan State University (USA), University of Maryland (USA), Saint Petersburg State University (Russia), Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University (Russia), University of Frankfurt (Germany) and Technical University Kaiserslautern (Germany).

We hope this special issue on beam dynamics and optimization will be useful for many researchers in beam physics and related fields.

D. Ovsyannikov, M. Berz, P. Snopok (Eds.), International Journal of Modern Physics A 24,5, World Scientific, 2009, ISSN 0217-751X


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