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About Michigan State

Michigan State University is located in East Lansing, Michigan. It was founded in 1855 as the oldest Land Grant University in the United States of America, and currently is one of the largest American universities. Much additional useful information about MSU can be found on the MSU webpage.

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Opportunities at MSU

The exchange programs between Michigan State University and the Studienstiftung were initiated by the former scholars of the Studienstiftung Prof. Konrad Gelbke, Prof. Wolfgang Bauer, Prof. Martin Berz, and Prof. Casim Abbas. It offers students in the fields of Physics and Mathematics a variety of opportunities, which are described in the Description of the Program that appears in the annual book Wissenschaft und Praxis of the Studienstiftung.

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The Stifti's Guide to East Lansing

Two scholars of the Studienstiftung MSU program, Gerd Kortemeyer and Thomas Baumann, have written a comprehensive guide from students for students about what to expect when coming to Michigan State University, the infamous Stifti's Guide. It is currently not completely updated, but we consider it a must read for everybody who is considering to come to East Lansing! Another interesting place is the Graduate Studies Homepage of the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

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Former and Current Scholars of the Program

The following table lists all the former and current scholars of the German National Merit Foundation at Michigan State University.

List of former and current scholars at MSU
Name Major From Until
Dietrich Klakow Physics 1991 1993
Georg Hoffstätter Physics, Ph.D. 1991 1994
Thomas Baumann Physics 1993 1996
Gerd Kortemeyer Physics, Ph.D. 1993 1998
Volker Riebesell Mathematics 1993 1995
Marcus Chromik Physics 1995 1996
Bettina Hübner Physics 1995 1996
Stefanie Petermichl Mathematics, Ph.D. 1995 2001
Jürgen Pulkus Mathematics 1995 1996
Silke Rolles Mathematics 1995 1996
Jens Hoefkens Mathematics/Physics, Ph.D. 1996 2001
Lars Diening Mathematics 1997 1998
Michael Lindemann Physics, M.S. 1997 1998
Jens v. Bergmann Mathematics, Ph.D. 1997 2005
Sen Cheng Physics, Ph.D. 1997 2002
Holger Harreis Physics, M.S. 1998 1999
Daniel Obermeyer Mathematics 1998 1999
Carsten Hennig Mathematics 1999 2000
Ralf Toenjes Physics, M.S. 2000 2001
Marko Kleine-Berkenbusch Physics, M.S. 2000 2001
Tobias Bollenbach Physics, M.S. 2001 2002
Markus Hoinkis Physics, M.S. 2001 2002
Jörg Enders Mathematics, Ph.D. 2001 still here
Andreas Glaser Physics, M.S. 2002 2003
Silvio Petriconi Physics, M.S. 2002 2003
Johannes Grote Mathematics/Physics, Ph.D. 2002 still here
Christian Hicke Physics, Ph.D. 2003 2008
Iris Gebauer Physics, M.S. 2004 2005
Thomas Jäger Mathematics, Ph.D. 2005 still here
Alexander Wittig Mathematics/Physics, Ph.D. 2006 still here

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Former Scholars now in faculty positions at Michigan State University

Besides the Studienstiftung scholars associated with the exchange program, there are a number of Ehemalige (former scholars) at MSU. They include

The German National Merit Foundation publishes an extensive list of all the former scholars in the United States and other countries, which can be obtained from the Studienstiftung central office.

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Local Contacts

The official local contacts for the program are Casim Abbas (Mathematics), Wolfgang Bauer (Physics), Martin Berz (Mathematics, Physics, dual Math/Physics programs), and Konrad Gelbke (Physics). They can be reached by email at,,, and, respectively.

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Further Questions

There are a variety of official (and unofficial) places and people that can help you with any further questions.

Any questions regarding the program as far as the German National Merit Foundation (Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes) is concerned should be addressed to Inga Scharf at the Studienstiftung in Bonn.

If you have further questions regarding the studies at MSU, you can address your questions to our Local Contacts as well as the former and current Scholars at MSU.

Official information about the Master's Degree Program in Physics can be found on the pages of the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

Michigan State University has an office for International Studies and Programs. This office is useful for any questions regarding official documents including visa, financial proof, admission etc.

If you speak German, you may want to start by reading the Stiftis' Guide to East Lansing.

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