The SXF to COSY Converter

Information about the converter

The SXF format is meant to be a general lattice description language and is intended to facilate the cooperation between different groups and the comparison of results obtained with different codes. The language specifications that are in most parts very similar to MAD were developed by H.Grote, J.Holt, N.Malitsky, F.Pilat, R.Talman, G.Tahern and W.Wan .

A word of caution: The SXF to Cosy converter was developed in conjunction with work on the Large Hadron Collider. That means we focused on the particle optical elements used in this lattice. So the SXF to COSY converter is not able to translate all elements allowed in SXF. Whenever a not supported element is encountered in the SXF input a warning is issued. We therefor recommend to check the output for warnings.

Converter Interface

SXF decks are submitted using the the forms below. The input file will be converted to a COSY INFINITY compatible input and sent to your browser.

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The SXF to COSY converter was written by Michael Lindemann, currently maintained by Kyoko Makino.