The MAD to COSY Converter

Information about the converter:

The program MADCOSY supports MAD input up to version 8.22. The important beamline elements are translated into the respective ones in COSY; these include drifts, multipoles, superimposed multipoles, and bends. Some elements supported by MAD are translated to drifts and may have to be adjusted manually.

To generate a COSY deck from a MAD deck, the end of the MAD deck should have the form

USE, <name of beamline>
where according to the MAD syntax, the USE command specifies the beamline to be translated, and the command COSY actually generates the COSY source.

The program MADCOSY was originally written by Roger Servranckx using the original MAD version 5 compiler source code which was written by Christopher Iselin. The current program has been adjusted to MAD version 8.22 by Weishi Wan and Kyoko Makino.

Converter Interface:

MAD decks are submitted using the the forms below. The input file will be converted to a COSY INFINITY compatible input and send to your browser directly.

Enter filename (with extension .mad):


An example MAD code is available here (input.mad). The converted COSY INFINITY code is available here (

The MAD to COSY converter is currently maintained by Kyoko Makino.