The GICOSY to COSY Converter

The important beamline elements are translated into the respective ones in COSY; these include drifts, multipoles, superimposed multipoles, and bends. Some elements supported by GICOSY are translated to drifts or commented out and may have to be adjusted manually.

Information about the converter:

Converter Interface:

GICOSY decks are submitted using the the form below. The input file will be converted to a COSY INFINITY compatible input and sent directly to your browser. Just save the file "" to your hard disk.

Enter filename ( with extension .dat ) or select by clicking the button:


An example GICOSY code is available here . The converted COSY INFINITY code is available here.

The GICOSY to COSY converter was written by Shashikant Manikonda and is currently maintained by Kyoko Makino.