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The WebCOSY System for Course Management in Distance Education


The WebCOSY system is an interactive Web based homework and course management system that has been developed and used as part of VUBeam, an Internet based remote Physics M.S. and Ph.D. program at Michigan State University. Besides supporting problems written within the system, it has the unique feature of also supporting processing and grading of student's submissions by arbitrary external programs, and hence provides rather far-reaching flexibility for the assignment of homework problems. The system supports and manages databases for classes, students, scores, graders, as well as homework problems for re-use in other classes. Written entirely in Perl, the system is easily managable and portable.

J. Hoefkens, L. Diening, M. Berz, B. Erdelyi, Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching 20(3) (2001) 307-321


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