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COSY INFINITY is an arbitrary order map code for the design and analysis of particle optical systems. It is based on differential algebraic methods, which provide an efficient and elegant framework for typical tasks faced in practice. For example, the computation of maps of arbitrary order and their dependence on system parameters, normal form techniques for the analysis and resonance correction of the behavior of repetitive systems, techniques for aberration correction and variety of other features can all be phrased very directly in terms of these methods.

As the user interface, COSY employs a structured object oriented language, which is simultaneously used for the coding of the physics. This approach allows a seamless connection of the work of the user with the tools provided by the code and directly allows the adaptation of the code to specific tasks. Optimization and fitting is supported at the language level, allowing rather direct and general optimization of essentially any quantity. Lattices can be described in terms of COSY's language environment or alternatively in the standard MAD input.

For the sake of portability, the language interface of COSY is standard FORTRAN 77; the compiler and executer of COSY as well as the libraries to which the language links are all written in this language. The language environment supports a variety of interactive and printer or plotter-based graphics drivers, and new drivers are added easily. Currently COSY INFINITY is used by approximately 100 registered users.

M. Berz, in "Proc. Nonlinear Problems in Accelerator Physics", M. Berz, S. Martin, K. Ziegler (Eds.) (1993) 125-133, IOP Publishing


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