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COSY Infinity Version 7


An overview over the features of version 7 of the code COSY INFINITY is given. Currently distributed to about 160 registered users, the code allows the computation and manipulation of maps of arbitrary order for arbitrary arrangements o fields. Besides the conventional analysis tools including various techniques for symplectic tracking, normal form methods, hardware and reconstructive aberration correction, and achromat design, several new features are presented. These include efficient methods to treat fringe field, a variety of methods to directly use measured field data for the computation of maps, as well as the computation and analysis of spin dynamics. Furthermore, we give references regarding the practical use of the new remainder differential algebraic methods, which among other things allow fully rigorous estimates of stability times of nonlinear repetitive motion.

K. Makino, M. Berz, American Institute of Physics CP 391 (1996) 253-258


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