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Effects of the Wiggler on the Hefei Light Source Storage Ring


The Hefei light source (HLS) is a second generation synchrotron radiation light source, in which a superconducting wiggler is installed and operating. The effects of the wiggler on the beam dynamics on the HLS storage ring are studied, in order to make sure the wiggler can operate properly when the ring is working in the high brilliance mode. We generate a model of the magnetic field in the midplane of the wiggler. The 3D magnetic field model is also builded up by COSY infinity 9.0. Both the linear and nonlinear effects of the wiggler are discussed. The vertical tune is changed from 2.535 to 2.567 and the vertical beta function is heavily distorted, while a symplectic tracking study shows the dynamic aperture is only slightly affected by the wiggler. And the wiggler should be able to run on the high brilliance mode after the linear effects get compensated.

H. Zhang, M. Berz, Int. Journal of Modern Physics A 24,5 (2009) 1057-1067


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