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Rigorous Integration of Flows and ODEs using Taylor Models


Taylor models combine the advantages of numerical methods and algebraic approaches of efficiency, tightly controlled recourses, and the ability to handle very complex problems with the advantages of symbolic approaches, in particularly the ability to be rigorous and to allow the treatment of functional dependencies instead of merely points. The resulting differential algebraic calculus involving an algebra with differentiation and integration is particularly amenable for the study of ODEs and PDEs based on fixed point problems from functional analysis. We describe the development of rigorous tools to determine enclosures of flows of general nonlinear differential equations based on Picard iterations. Particular emphasis is placed on the development of methods that have favorable long term stability, which is achieved using suitable preconditioning and other methods. Applications of the methods are presented, including determinations of rigorous enclosures of flows of ODEs in the theory of chaotic dynamical systems.

K. Makino, M. Berz, Symbolic Numeric Computation 2009, (2009) 79-84


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