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Solenoid Elements in COSY Infinity


We describe a full array of solenoidal elements in the high order transfer map computation code COSY INFINITY, starting from a loop coil to any superposition of thick straight solenoids. Since the fringe field of coils extends very far longitudinally, and at the same time contains various nonlinearities due to the longitudinal dependence of the field, accurate but fast field computation is necessary. In COSY, the 3D fields along the integration of transfer mapthrough such an element are computed using a Differential Algebra based PDE solver, which is very fast and only requires information about the analytical axial potential. By examples, we illustrate the feature of each solenoidal element and how to simulate realistic beamlines containing combinations of solenoids and other elements.

K. Makino, M. Berz, Institute of Physics CS 175 (2004) 219-228


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