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Matter-Dominated Muon Accelerator Lattice Simulation Tools for COSY INFINITY


Muon-based neutrino sources are enticing due to their ability to create consistent, high-intensity mixed neutrino beams. On the other hand, muon colliders present an opportunity to conduct leptonic experiments at unprecedented energy levels while keeping the facility size quite compact. However, for both of these facilities ionization cooling is a crucial component. The design of these novel cooling channels requires many simulation software tools to be augmented with new experimental results for various types of absorbers. COSY Infinity has many features for advanced lattice design, and will in the future be outfitted with tools that can accurately evaluate matter-dominated lattices of a wide variety. One of these tools will parameterize probability distribution function terms in order to add a stochastic perturbative kick at the end of a step inside such a lattice, which will emulate random effects. These step sizes will be able to be varied without significant loss of accuracy from 0.1 mm (for high magnetic fields) to 10 cm (for no magnetic fields).

[This is an extract from the conclusion paragraph of the paper.]

J. Kunz, P. Snopok, M. Berz, K. Makino, Microscopy and Microanalysis 21 Suppl. 4 (2015) 8


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