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Ionization Cooling Channels in COSY INFINITY


Ionization cooling is a method to reduce the emittance of a beam through the use of absorbers, rf cavities, and strong solenoids for focusing, arranged into a condensed lattice. By tuning lattice parameters, it is possible to construct a staged cooling channel in which the beam emittance is always considerably greater than the minimum value. In the late stages of the cooling channel, space charge effects can become a significant obstacle to further emittance reduction once the beam becomes sufficiently condensed. A method has been implemented in COSY Infinity, a beam dynamics simulation and analysis code, which efficiently and accurately calculates the self-fields of all particles on each other based on a variant of the Fast Multipole Method (FMM). In this paper, we present simulations of a muon ionization cooling channel performed in COSY, utilizing the FMM, benchmarked against G4beamline, a standard code for muon beam analysis, in order to investigate the significance of space charge effects.

B. Loseth, M. Berz, P. Snopok, in: 6th International Particle Accelerator Conference, (2015) 2652


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