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Field Reconstruction in Large Aperture Quadrupole Magnets


A technique to interpolate complex three-dimensional field distributions such as those produced by large magnets is presented. It is based on a modified charge density method where the elementary sources of the magnetic field are image charges with Gaussian shape placed on a three-dimensional surface. The strengths of the charges are found as the solution of a best-fit problem, whose special features are discussed in detail. The method is tested against the measured field of the MAGNEX large acceptance quadrupole, showing a high level of accuracy together with an effective compensation of the effect of the experimental errors present in the data. In addition the model field is in general analytical and Maxwellian. As a consequence, the reliability of the presented technique to the challenging problem of trajectory reconstruction in modern large acceptance spectrometers is demonstrated.

A. Lazzaro, F. Cappuzzello, A. Cunsolo, M. Cavallaro, A. Foti, S. Orrigo, M. Rodrigues, J. Winfield, M. Berz, Nuclear Instruments and Methods A 602 (2009) 494-500


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