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Optimization of the Buncher and Phase Rotator for a Neutrino Factory


The demand for better neutrino beams is correlates with the considerable improvement in neutrino detectors, and to the recent exciting claims of observed neutrino oscillations. A high intensity source of a single flavor of neutrinos with reduced backgrounds, a known energy spectrum and intensity could prove decisive in the con- firmation of oscillations and measurements of the lepton mixing parameters. Such intense source of neutrinos is supposed to be provided by the Neutrino Factory. A Neutrino Factory, as proposed, relies on formation and acceleration of ultra-large emittance muon beams with subsequent decay of the muons into a well-collimated, well-characterized neutrino beam. Creation of an intense muon beam originally relied on capture, bunching and phase rotation in an expensive extension of the in- duction linac concept. A recently-proposed different scheme bunches and reduces energy spread through an array of high-frequency rf cavities whose rf frequency varies along the length of the channel.The cost reduction and simplicity of the proposed approach is extensive and this work explores both the approach and develops an optimization scheme for rf parameters based on the underlying beam dynamics.

A. A. Poklonskiy, D. Neuffer, M. Berz, D. A. Ovsyannikov, A. D. Ovsyannikov in: Proceedings, Stability and Control Processes (2005) 282-291 (D. A. Ovsyannikov, L. A. Petrosyan, Editors)


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